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Ready to embark on epic DnD adventures without breaking the bank? Whether you're a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, these professionally written campaigns offer hours of exciting gameplay and immersive storytelling with stunning artwork.
Unlock your celestial heritage with our guide to Aasimar in DnD 5E. Discover your divine powers and fulfill your destiny.
Alert 5E: DnD warrior standing guard
Not a fan of surprise parties? With this feat, you'll never be surprised and gain bonuses to your initiative rolls, allowing you to take control of the battlefield and outmaneuver your enemies.
How can you collect them all if you don’t know what’s left to buy? From core rulebooks to campaign settings, unearth new adventures and expand your gameplay. Don't miss out on the latest and greatest in the world's most iconic tabletop RPG!
Using an Arcane Focus can provide several benefits for spellcasters in DnD 5E. Not all spellcasting classes or subclasses are proficient in using an Arcane Focus, so it's important to check your character's abilities and limitations before relying on an Arcane Focus.
Armor in DnD 5E is the key to protecting yourself from enemy attacks. Embrace the role of a heavily armored knight, a stealthy rogue in light armor, or a spellcaster with protective mage armor, and let your armor reflect your character's story and purpose.
Explore the mysteries of the cosmos with our guide to Astral Elves in DnD 5E. Harness the power of the stars and journey beyond the veil.
The Attack Bonus (AB) is your key to success! Learn how to calculate your AB and use it to your advantage in combat. Everything you need to know about this crucial feature, from the basics of how it works to advanced tips on how to optimize your character's attack potential.
Unleash the power of technology with our guide to Autognomes in DnD 5E. Master the art of invention and create your own mechanical wonders.
In DnD 5E, your Base AC (Armor Class) is your shield against enemy attacks. Learn everything you need to know about this essential feature, from the basics of how it works to advanced tips on how to optimize your character's defense. Learn how to calculate your Base AC and how to improve it with armor, shields, and other defensive items.
For those of us that didn’t take cartographer’s tools as a proficiency. From stylish layouts to practical designs, we'll explore the most user-friendly and visually stunning tools to help you bring your adventures to life.
Join the ranks of the wild and free with our guide to Centaurs in DnD 5E. Embrace your animal spirit and roam the plains with grace.
From assuming the identity of a powerful lord to masquerading as a lowly servant, Changelings have a wide range of potential roles to play in any adventure. Find out how to roleplay them effectively and become a master of deception in your next campaign.
Whether you're a servant of the gods or a champion of a specific cause, our guide to Cleric Domains in DnD 5E has all the information you need to choose the right path for your character.
Our expert tips and tricks will show you how to create unique and powerful magical items that will add excitement and wonder to your campaigns. From weapons and armor to wondrous artifacts, we'll show you how to create items that will enhance your gameplay.
Crossbow Expert 5E: Rouge from DnD shooting arrow
The Crossbow Expert feat in DnD 5E is the ultimate choice for any adventurer who wants to become a master of ranged combat. With this feat, you can fire your crossbow in close combat without any penalty and even make an extra attack with it.
We'll show you how to use this powerful action to increase your movement speed, close in on enemies, and get out of harm's way. From the basics of how it works to advanced tips..
When your character is on the brink of death in DnD 5E, it's time to roll for Death Saving Throws. Our guide will take you through everything you need to know about this essential mechanic, from the basics of how it works to advanced tips on how to increase your chances of survival.
These customizable and visually stunning cards make it easy to keep track of your character's spells, from cantrips to high-level spells. With our hand-picked selection of the most stylish and practical spell cards out there, you'll never struggle to manage your spells again.
Your +3 sword to cut through DnD jargon. Get ready to speak the language of DnD like a pro with our comprehensive glossary! Our guide will take you through all the terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and slang you need to know.
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight may have piqued your interest in the Domains of Delight - but what are they, exactly? Learn about the unique realms of fey magic and discover new possibilities for your characters.
Discover the might and majesty of dragonkind with our guide to Dragonborn in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. Unleash your draconic power and become a true force of nature.
When your DnD 5E character takes the plunge, will they sink or swim? Don't let a lack of knowledge about drowning leave you gasping for air.
Step into the realm of the fey with our guide to Eladrin in DnD 5E. Harness the power of the seasons and become one with the natural world.
Experience the magic of the faerie realm with our guide to Fairies in DnD 5E. Learn the secrets of the Feywild and become a creature of enchantment.
Whether you're leaping into battle or plummeting from a great height, fall damage is a real risk in DnD 5E. Understand how it works and how to survive even the most treacherous falls.
Don't let the complexity of fighting styles in DnD 5E leave you feeling defeated. Whether you prefer close-range combat or ranged attacks, there's a fighting style in DnD 5E that will suit your character.
Firbolgs are a fascinating and enigmatic race that can add both mystery and wonder to any DnD campaign. Discover their history, culture, and potential as both adventurers and guardians of the natural world.
Are you ready to delve into the world of dragons and unlock the secrets of these mighty creatures? With its wealth of new options for creating and customizing dragons, new subclasses, spells, and items, and detailed lore and mythology, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons offers a treasure trove of content and inspiration for players and DMs.
Don't let flanking in DnD 5E confuse you - our guide breaks down the mechanics and strategies for using this optional rule to gain an edge in combat.
Join the ranks of the mercenary hippopotamus people with our guide to Giff in DnD 5E. Learn to wield big guns and bigger hearts.
Embrace your inner mischief-maker with our guide to Goblins in DnD 5E. Discover the art of sabotage and become the ultimate trickster.
Goliaths are natural athletes and adventurers, excelling in physical challenges like climbing, jumping, and grappling. From scaling sheer cliffs to wrestling with monstrous beasts, Goliaths have a wide range of potential roles to play in any adventure.
Grappling is an often-overlooked technique in DnD 5E, but it can be an effective way to control the battlefield and take down even the strongest foes. Learn the rules and offers strategies for using grappling to your advantage, so you can become a master of this powerful technique.
Soar through the skies with our guide to Hadozee in DnD 5E. Master the art of acrobatics and become the king of the jungle.
Join the ranks of the anthropomorphic animals with our guide to Harengon in DnD 5E. Discover their unique abilities and become the ultimate hybrid hero.
The Hide action in DnD 5E is a versatile tool that can help you sneak past enemies, ambush unsuspecting foes, and gain the upper hand in combat. Whether you're a sneaky rogue or a lumbering barbarian, the Hide action is a technique that can help you gain the element of surprise.
From leading a Hobgoblin legion into battle to infiltrating their ranks as a spy, there are many potential roles for Hobgoblins in any adventure. Learn how to use their strengths and weaknesses to your advantage and become a master of battlefield tactics.
Fearsome panthers to cuddly pseudodragons and all beasties in between -- how you can get pets companions and how they work? Animal companions can add a lot of flavor and utility to your DnD 5E character.
Have you ever wondered how much those magical swords, wands, and rings of power really cost? Magic items can be some of the most valuable and sought-after treasures in DnD 5E, but their cost can vary widely depending on their rarity and availability. So, how much do magic items actually cost, and how can you acquire them?
Inspiration in DnD 5E is a great way to enhance your gameplay and create memorable moments in your campaign. Whether you earn it through roleplaying or accomplishing difficult tasks, inspiration can give you the edge you need to succeed in the game. Stay true to your character and push yourself to new heights of adventure and excitement.
Unleash the primal power of the dragons with our guide to Kobolds in DnD 5E. Learn to use traps and ambushes and become a fierce warrior.
Magic Missile is a spell that never misses its target, making it a reliable tool for dealing damage to enemies. From blasting through a door to taking down a dragon, Magic Missile is a spell that can be used in a variety of situations.
Discover the strength and cunning of the minotaurs with our guide to Minotaurs in DnD 5E. Master the art of close combat and become a true champion.
Monk 5E: Monk from DnD in the mountain
Harness the power of Ki and martial arts with our Monk 5E guide. Learn about monastic traditions, stances, and spiritual enlightenment.
Musical instruments in DnD 5E aren't just a form of entertainment, they're also a powerful tool for bards, entertainers, and even adventurers. Whether you're trying to inspire your allies, distract your enemies, or cast a powerful spell, a well-timed melody can make all the difference.
Fly through the skies with our guide to Owlin in DnD 5E. Learn to navigate the air currents and become a true master of flight.
Embrace the power of elemental energy with our guide to Plasmoids in DnD 5E. Learn to harness the elements and become a true force of nature.
Are you in need of a quick boost or healing during your travels? Potions are a type of magic item in DnD 5E that can provide a variety of beneficial effects, from healing wounds to granting temporary abilities. But how do potions work in DnD 5E, and what are their mechanics and limitations?
The humble quarterstaff, a versatile weapon of both offense and defense. Unleash its potential through a combination of precise strikes and fluid movements, demonstrating your skill as a master combatant.
In the hands of a skilled wielder, the rapier becomes an extension of grace and precision. Uncover the social significance of the rapier and its role in shaping the stories and interactions of your character in the world of DnD.
Rogue 5E: Black man with max on his face
Stealth, cunning, and expert skills define the Rogue 5E class. Our guide delves into subclasses, abilities, and tactics for aspiring rogues.
As a form of personal protection, shields are crucial for frontline fighters and defensive-oriented characters. Find out how to combine shields with other defensive strategies to become a nearly impenetrable wall.
Hear ye, adventurers! When facing creatures that are immune to normal weapons, such as werewolves and vampires, silvered weapons can be a game-changer. But beware, the cost of silvering a weapon can be high, so choose wisely which weapon to enhance.
When it comes to weapons in DnD 5E, simple weapons are the most accessible and easy to use. These weapons require little training and can be used by almost any character. From the humble dagger to the trusty club, simple weapons may not pack the same punch as their more exotic counterparts, but they can still be useful in a variety of situations.
Are you ready to add a new weapon to your arsenal? The spear is a weapon that every adventurer should consider adding to their collection in DnD 5E. With its long range and piercing capabilities, the spear is a versatile and deadly weapon that can be used in many different combat situations.
Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos is a sourcebook for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition that introduces a new magical academy inspired by the world of Magic: The Gathering. This review delves into the book's content, including new player options, spells, magic items, and monsters, as well as the lore and history of the Strixhaven campus.
Are you prepared to face the ultimate darkness in DnD 5E? With the Summon Greater Demon spell, you can summon a demon from the abyss and command it to do your bidding - at least for a little while. This powerful spell is not for the faint of heart.
These specialized tools are essential for any rogue or other stealthy adventurer, providing them with the means to pick locks, disarm traps, and perform other covert activities. Thieves' Tools may be just what you need to succeed in the world of DnD.
Join the ranks of the insectoid warriors with our guide to Thri-kreen in DnD 5E. Learn to fight with deadly precision and become a true predator.
Tieflings are often shunned and feared by others due to their demonic heritage, but they can also use their powers to their advantage. Find out how Tiefling characters can harness their dark powers to deal massive damage or support allies with unique abilities.
Unarmed Strike is the ultimate form of raw combat in DnD 5E, allowing adventurers to use their fists, feet, or any other part of their body to deal devastating damage in battle. But what makes it so special, and how can you use it? Arm yourself with all the knowledge you'll ever need on Unarmed strike.
A deep delve into what makes this iconic Eberron native tick, whirr, and adventure. Unlock the power of the living constructs with our guide to Warforged in DnD 5E. Learn to adapt to any situation and become the ultimate machine of war.
Discover the serpentine allure of the Yuan-Ti Purebloods with our guide to Yuan-Ti Purebloods in DnD 5E. Learn to charm your enemies and become a true master of manipulation.