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Unlock your celestial heritage with our guide to Aasimar in DnD 5E. Discover your divine powers and fulfill your destiny.
If you want to become more versatile and better at adapting to different elemental threats in DnD 5E, the Absorb Elements spell is a must-learn. With this spell, you can absorb incoming energy damage and gain resistance to that damage type on your next turn. Become a master of the elements and protect yourself from harm.
How can you collect them all if you don’t know what’s left to buy? From core rulebooks to campaign settings, unearth new adventures and expand your gameplay. Don't miss out on the latest and greatest in the world's most iconic tabletop RPG!
This divination spell allows you to create an invisible, floating magical sensor that can see up to 30 feet and pass through small openings. With this spell, you can observe an area from afar and even move the sensor around with a simple action.
Using an Arcane Focus can provide several benefits for spellcasters in DnD 5E. Not all spellcasting classes or subclasses are proficient in using an Arcane Focus, so it's important to check your character's abilities and limitations before relying on an Arcane Focus.
Explore the mysteries of the cosmos with our guide to Astral Elves in DnD 5E. Harness the power of the stars and journey beyond the veil.