Eldritch Blast spell in DnD 5E explained

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What is Eldritch Blast?

Eldritch Blast (PHB, p. 237) is an evocation cantrip only available to Warlocks, who have many Eldritch Invocations that interact with it. It takes an action to cast with vocal and somatic components, when you do so you can make a ranged attack against a creature within 120ft. On a hit, the target takes 1d10 force damage. The number of attacks you make when casting this spell increases to 2 attacks at 5th level, 3 attacks at 11th level, and 4 attacks at 17th level, these attacks don’t have to be directed at the same creature.

Is Eldritch Blast a good spell?

Eldritch Blast is arguably the best damage cantrip in the game without any modification or enhancement, it does the same amount of damage as Fire Bolt, but uses a much more reliable damage type. The multiple blast scaling, instead of increasing the damage of a single attack, makes it less likely that you will get all of your damage, but more likely that you will get some damage whilst allowing you to divide that damage amongst multiple targets.

The true potential of Eldritch Blast is only realized by a Warlock investing Eldritch Invocations into it, which can greatly increase the damage and control of the spell. For example, you could combine Repelling Blast and Lance of Lethargy to significantly reduce the mobility of monsters, saving some party members from opportunity attacks and maybe even protect the back line entirely. How much you want to invest in this spell is going to vary Warlock to Warlock, as the number of invocations gained is relatively few and every one taken for Eldritch Blast is a lost opportunity to increase your spellcasting in other ways.

How can you get Eldritch Blast?

If you want to start blastin’ with the best of them, then fear not! Here is a list of how you can grab this spell:

  • Warlock – This is the only class to get Eldritch Blast on their spell list.
  • Magic Initiate (Feat) – By choosing Warlock as the class for this feat you can get Eldritch Blast, along with one other Warlock cantrip and a 1st level spell you can cast once per long rest for free.
  • Spell Sniper (Feat) – You can choose Eldritch Blast with this feat, which will then be enhanced by doubling its range and ignoring half and three-quarters cover. However, you must already be able to cast at least one spell. 
  • Magical Secrets (Bard Class Feature) – This feature allows a Bard, and Lore Bards at lower levels, to steal spells from any spell list. However, this would be a very expensive way of grabbing Eldritch Blast.

How to roleplay the Eldritch Blast spell

Need some help roleplaying the Eldritch Blast spell? Here are some examples to help you out:

  • As you channel your energy, an ominous purple light begins to form in the palm of your hand. The light intensifies until it becomes a crackling ball of energy, and you hurl it at your target. As it hits, you can hear the sickening crack of bone as your Eldritch Blast hits its mark.
  • You mutter arcane words under your breath and hold out your hand. A beam of otherworldly green energy shoots forth, crackling and fizzling as it slams into your enemy. They reel from the impact, clearly taken off guard by your power.
  • Your eyes blaze with an eldritch fire as you summon forth your dark magic. A bolt of pure energy shoots from your fingertips, striking your foe and leaving them stunned. As you watch, their skin starts to blister and burn from the raw power of your spell.
  • You focus your will and draw upon the power of the universe itself. A beam of crackling purple energy shoots forth from your outstretched hand, slamming into your enemy and leaving them reeling. They’re clearly no match for your incredible power and skill.

Hopefully, this article was informative and gave you everything you needed to know to just start blastin’ those monsters. If you’re interested in this spell for your next Warlock build, then check out our Warlock guide, or If you’re interested in researching other spells then check out our spells section, Good luck out there adventurers, until next time, remember to cast Hex first!

What is Eldritch Blast in DnD 5E?

Eldritch Blast is a cantrip in Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) 5th edition. It is a spell that allows the caster to create a beam of magical energy that deals force damage to a target creature.

How does Eldritch Blast work in DnD 5E?

To cast Eldritch Blast, the caster must choose a target creature within range and make a ranged spell attack. If the attack is successful, the target creature takes 1d10 force damage. At higher levels the spell creates multiple beams, allowing for multiple attacks from a single casting.

What level spell is Eldritch Blast in DnD 5E?

Eldritch Blast is a cantrip, which is the lowest level of spell in DnD 5E.

How does Eldritch Blast compare to other damage spells in DnD 5E?

Eldritch Blast is one of the most versatile and reliable damage cantrips available in DnD 5E. It is a cantrip, meaning that it can be cast an unlimited number of times per day, deals a reliable type of damage, and can be greatly enhanced with Eldritch invocations.

Can Eldritch Blast be used in conjunction with other spells or abilities in DnD 5E?

Yes, Eldritch Blast can be used in conjunction with other spells or abilities in DnD 5E. The most common example is a Warlock enhancing it with various Eldritch Invocations, such as Agonizing Blast for more damage.

Who can cast Eldritch Blast in DnD 5E?

Eldritch Blast is only on the Warlock spell list, however, there are some additional ways to get it, see the article above for full details.

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