If you want to become more versatile and better at adapting to different elemental threats in DnD 5E, the Absorb Elements spell is a must-learn. With this spell, you can absorb incoming energy damage and gain resistance to that damage type on your next turn. Become a master of the elements and protect yourself from harm.
Counterspell is a spell of anticipation and quick thinking. Master the art of recognizing the incantations and gestures of opposing spellcasters, ready to unleash your own magical barrier to thwart their efforts and turning the tides of battle in your favor.
Adventurers, are you tired of being ensnared by enchantments or struggling against magical effects? Dispel Magic is a spell in DnD 5E that can help you remove these obstacles and gain the upper hand in combat. But what is Dispel Magic, and how does it work in DnD 5E?
From exploring dangerous dungeons to facing off against powerful foes, Mage Armor is a spell that can be used in a variety of situations. As a spell that enhances your armor class, Mage Armor is a favorite of many adventurers. Find out how to use it to protect yourself against physical attacks, traps, and other dangers.
Whether you're facing a dragon's breath weapon or a giant's club, Shield is the spell you need to keep yourself alive. Discover how it works and use it to block incoming attacks and keep yourself safe in combat.