Rest and have an ale, quench your thirst for knowledge of all things Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) at the Dice Cove. 

Dice Cove is a collective of experienced Dungeon Masters (DM) and players from all around the world, gathered here to share their 5E wisdom for your benefit. We understand dungeon delving can be a difficult and overwhelming undertaking, that’s why we at Dice Cove, are happy to walk you through the best unofficial DnD resources for players and DMs alike, hand in hand. Uh, why is your hand sticky? Wait, don’t tell us. Two silvers are on maple syrup. 

So what exactly can you find here at Dice Cove? Everything from starter walkthroughs on DnD basics for the rookies wielding wooden swords, advice on playing the ultimate class of your choice for the power gamers, to the top map-making tools and campaign ideas for veteran or aspiring DMs who do not fear the infamous forever DM curse. 

Oh, don’t be scared. Sure, learning the game can be daunting. Of course, some of you will make mistakes. And, yes, many of you might even find yourselves in a TPK. But stick around, and you’ll get to increase your proficiency and skip a lot of blunders our own resident writers made as they gained some XP whilst adventuring.

Stay a while and should you find yourself here by accident, stick around anyway; we could use another silky voice for our award-winning, boot-stomping tavern songs. We promise we won’t deafen you just yet. You have to learn the secret handshake first. Maybe you’re just nosy, in which case, you learn more about the Dice Cove party.