If you want to become more versatile and better at adapting to different elemental threats in DnD 5E, the Absorb Elements spell is a must-learn. With this spell, you can absorb incoming energy damage and gain resistance to that damage type on your next turn. Become a master of the elements and protect yourself from harm.
This divination spell allows you to create an invisible, floating magical sensor that can see up to 30 feet and pass through small openings. With this spell, you can observe an area from afar and even move the sensor around with a simple action.
Looking to harness the power of magic in DnD 5E? Our guide to the best Sorcerer spells has all the information you need to cast devastating spells and turn the tide of battle. Unleash your magical potential and become a true force to be reckoned with.
Want to be a master of the arcane arts in DnD 5E? As a Wizard, your spellbook is your greatest asset. But which spells should you prioritize? Discover the best choices for damage, control, and utility, and take your game to the next level.
As a cleric or paladin, the Bless spell is a testament to your divine favor. From rallying your party before a crucial engagement to providing a much-needed boost in dire circumstances, Bless is a spell that champions the power of unity and shared purpose.
Sometimes diplomacy is the best weapon. Discover how Charm Person can help you manipulate others to achieve your goals, but be wary of the consequences when the spell wears off.
If you're a Paladin looking to protect your allies in DnD 5E, the Compelled Duel spell may be just what you need. Learn all about the mechanics of Compelled Duel, including its saving throw requirements and restrictions on creature movement.
Counterspell is a spell of anticipation and quick thinking. Master the art of recognizing the incantations and gestures of opposing spellcasters, ready to unleash your own magical barrier to thwart their efforts and turning the tides of battle in your favor.
Cure Wounds may not be the flashiest spell, but it's one of the most important. As a healing spell, Cure Wounds is a valuable tool for any adventurer. Discover its range, casting time, and healing potential, and use it to keep your party members alive and well.
Unlock the hidden potential of Detect Magic and become a conduit of arcane knowledge. Sharpen your senses and reveal the invisible forces at play, ensuring you and your party are always one step ahead in the face of magical encounters.
Adventurers, are you tired of being ensnared by enchantments or struggling against magical effects? Dispel Magic is a spell in DnD 5E that can help you remove these obstacles and gain the upper hand in combat. But what is Dispel Magic, and how does it work in DnD 5E?
Want to deal some serious damage and force your enemies to retreat? Check out Dissonant Whispers, a 1st level enchantment spell exclusive to Bards in DnD 5E. This powerful spell can make your enemies flee from you while taking psychic damage, giving you the upper hand in any battle.
Are you ready to wield the power of the multiverse against your enemies? Eldritch Blast is a spell that is available to warlocks, a class that specializes in using otherworldly powers and dark magic. This means that adventurers who choose to specialize in warlock can gain access to this powerful spell and use it to great effect in combat.
Faerie Fire is a versatile spell that not only reveals hidden enemies but also enhances the accuracy of your allies' attacks. Master the art of casting Faerie Fire in the right place and at the right time to ensure your enemies can't hide and your party can strike true.
This handy spell allows you to summon a familiar to assist you, whether it's a helpful owl or a mischievous imp. Learn all about the mechanics of this spell and the potential benefits of having a loyal companion by your side.
Do you have what it takes to wield the power of fire in DnD 5E? With the Fire Bolt spell, you can hurl a blazing projectile at your enemies and watch them burn to a crisp. With this evocation spell, you can deal damage from a safe distance and keep your enemies at bay. Are you ready to become a master of fire?
Fireball is a spell that can turn the tide of battle in an instant. With its ability to deal massive damage to a wide area, it's the perfect tool for dealing with swarms of enemies or taking down tough bosses. And with its iconic appearance and reputation as one of the most powerful spells in DnD, it's a must-have for any serious adventurer.
Are you a Cleric who wants to deal radiant damage and set up your allies for success in combat? Then the Guiding Bolt spell in DnD 5E is the way to go. With this spell, you can deal up to 4d6 radiant damage and cause the creature to be dimly lit by magical light, granting advantage on the next attack against it.
As you confront a powerful enemy, you realize that you are outmatched and outgunned. But you have a trick up your sleeve - the Haste spell. With a fierce determination, you cast the spell on yourself, and suddenly everything around you seems to slow down. You move with incredible speed and precision, dodging the enemy's attacks and striking back with lightning-fast strikes.
Healing Word is not just a spell; it's a beacon of hope and a lifeline for your companions. Embrace the role of a dedicated healer, offering timely words of restoration and rejuvenation when the battle gets tough.
Curse your enemies and make them suffer. This versatile spell can be used in a variety of ways, so get creative and let your imagination run wild. Hex is a must-have for any warlock or spellcaster looking to dominate the battlefield. Learn its ins and outs and become an unstoppable force of magic.
As a spell of paralysis, Hold Person is a favorite of many adventurers. From halting a charging enemy to taking a prisoner, Hold Person is a spell that can be used in a variety of situations. Learn how to use it creatively and become a master of control magic.
Invisibility is a great tool for getting past traps, sneaking into enemy territory, or setting up a surprise attack. Discover its range, duration, and other key features, and become a master of this powerful spell.
Are you ready to jump into action in DnD 5E? With this transmutation spell, you can increase your jumping distance and make incredible leaps over obstacles. Whether you need to cross a river or jump onto a dragon's back, the Jump spell can help you get there.
From exploring dangerous dungeons to facing off against powerful foes, Mage Armor is a spell that can be used in a variety of situations. As a spell that enhances your armor class, Mage Armor is a favorite of many adventurers. Find out how to use it to protect yourself against physical attacks, traps, and other dangers.
Magic Missile is a spell that never misses its target, making it a reliable tool for dealing damage to enemies. From blasting through a door to taking down a dragon, Magic Missile is a spell that can be used in a variety of situations.
As a spell of teleportation, Misty Step is a favorite of many adventurers. It is a great tool for getting out of tight spots or quickly moving around the battlefield. Learn how to use it to its full potential and become a master of mobility.
Polymorph may be a spell of transformation, but it can also be a spell of hilarity. Learn how to use it to turn your enemies into chickens and your allies into elephants, and bring some humor to your next DnD adventure.
Freeze your enemies in their tracks. With this evocation spell, you can shoot a beam of ice at your foes, slowing them down and dealing damage. Whether you need to escape from enemies or take down a group of foes, the Ray of Frost spell is always up to the task.
With Revivify, you can restore life to a fallen comrade within moments of their passing. As a cleric or a class with access to Revivify, you hold the power to defy death itself. Embody the selflessness and courage required to wield such powerful magic and ensure that no sacrifice is in vain.
All aspiring wizards and magic users in DnD 5E - are you ready to become a true master of the arcane? Then it's time to learn about the Schools of Magic! In this article, we'll explore the thrilling world of magic in DnD 5E, from the explosive force of evocation to the mysterious secrets of divination. Get ready to embrace the power.
Whether you're facing a dragon's breath weapon or a giant's club, Shield is the spell you need to keep yourself alive. Discover how it works and use it to block incoming attacks and keep yourself safe in combat.
The Sleep spell in DnD 5E is the ultimate choice for spellcasters who want to become masterful combatants. perfect choice for Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards who want to incapacitate their enemies. With this spell, you can create a pool of hit points and any creature whose current hit points are fewer than this pool falls unconscious.
Adventurers, are you ready to unleash the power of your faith on the battlefield in DnD 5E? The Spiritual Weapon spell can help you summon a weapon of divine energy, guided by your faith, to strike down your enemies. So, raise your weapon and let your spiritual ally fight by your side.
Sorcerers and enchanters in DnD 5E - the Suggestion spell is a must-have in your arsenal. With this spell, you can convince a creature to do your bidding for up to 8 hours. But beware, the suggestion can't be obviously harmful, and the creature may still take actions to protect itself. Get ready to control the minds of your enemies and dominate the battlefield.
Are you prepared to face the ultimate darkness in DnD 5E? With the Summon Greater Demon spell, you can summon a demon from the abyss and command it to do your bidding - at least for a little while. This powerful spell is not for the faint of heart.
Intimidate your enemies, impress your friends, or just show off your magical abilities. Thaumaturgy is a must-have for any Cleric, Warlock, or Sorcerer looking to make a big impact. With the ability to create sound, light, and other sensory effects, it's a spell that can be used in a variety of situations.
Do you hear that? The sound of death tolling in the distance? That can only mean one thing - the Toll the Dead spell in DnD 5E! This necromantic spell is the perfect choice for clerics and warlocks who want to unleash a wave of dark energy on their enemies, dealing damage based on the target's missing hit points. Get ready to channel the power of death.
Attention all magic users in DnD 5E! Have you ever wanted to channel the power of lightning and feel the thunder of the elements in your veins? Look no further than the Witch Bolt spell! Explore the ins and outs of this electrifying spell, including how it works, what it does, and how to use it to take down even the toughest enemies. Get ready to harness the power of the storm.