Not a fan of surprise parties? With this feat, you'll never be surprised and gain bonuses to your initiative rolls, allowing you to take control of the battlefield and outmaneuver your enemies.
The Crossbow Expert feat in DnD 5E is the ultimate choice for any adventurer who wants to become a master of ranged combat. With this feat, you can fire your crossbow in close combat without any penalty and even make an extra attack with it. Strike your enemies down from afar
With this feat, you'll be able to use your weapon to parry enemy attacks and strike back with deadly precision. Whether you're facing off against a powerful foe or taking on multiple enemies at once, the Defensive Duelist feat is your key to victory.
Feats in DnD 5E are more than just an extra perk for your character – they can help shape your character's story and make them a unique force to be reckoned with. From the Polearm Master to the Defensive Duelist feat, each one offers unique benefits that can help your character stand out on the battlefield.
If you want to be a master of dual-wielding weapons, the Dual Wielder feat is a must-have. With this feat, you can use two weapons at once and even draw both weapons at the same time. Learn how to wield two weapons at once and deal massive damage to your enemies.
Venture into the world of dragons with Fizban's Treasury of Dragons and explore new feats that will help you become a master of the skies. From Draconic Attunement to Dragon Fear, these feats will help you harness the power of dragons and dominate your foes like never before.
In DnD 5E, leadership can make all the difference in combat. And with the Inspiring Leader feat, you can become a true leader for your party. With this feat, you can give your allies temporary hit points and inspire them to become a more cohesive and effective fighting force.
The Mage Slayer feat in DnD 5E is the ultimate choice for adventurers who want to become a nightmare for enemy spellcasters. With this feat, you can gain bonuses to attack and damage rolls against spellcasters, and even interrupt their spells with an opportunity attack. No more will enemy magic-users be able to control the battlefield.
If you want to be a true master of magic, the Magic Initiate feat in DnD 5E is a must-have. By selecting a spellcasting class, you'll be able to learn a few spells that can augment your existing abilities and give you new options in combat. Whether you're looking to blast your enemies with spells or enchant them with magical charms, the Magic Initiate feat is the key to unlocking your full potential as a spellcaster.
Become the fastest adventurer on the battlefield with the Mobile feat in DnD 5E. Move through enemies' spaces with ease and strike them down before they can even react. Become a blur on the battlefield.
Unlock the full potential of your polearm and dominate the front lines with the Polearm Master feat. Make every strike count and keep your foes at bay. Turn the tide of battle and emerge victorious with this powerful feat.
The Sentinel feat is the perfect choice for defenders who want to control the battlefield. With this feat, you'll be able to strike your enemies with deadly precision and protect your allies from harm.
The Sharpshooter feat in DnD 5E is essential for those who want to be a true marksman. With this feat, you'll be able to make incredible shots with deadly accuracy, no matter what obstacles stand in your way. Deal massive damage with every shot.
If you want to be a master of magic in combat, the War Caster feat is essential. With this feat, you can unleash powerful spells even when your hands are occupied, making you an unstoppable force on the battlefield.
Whether you’re looking to hit something a bit harder, or learn a little (more) magic, it’s important to know how long you have to wait. These special abilities and bonuses can help you stand out from the crowd and make your character truly unique.