Best Sorcerer spells you should be using in DnD 5E

Channel your innate magic with the best Sorcerer spells in 5E.

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If you want a character that almost exclusively uses magic, then you best bet is to either play as a wizard or a sorcerer. There are some overlapping spells between the two classes, depending on any backgrounds and pathways you take, but the innate magic that comes with being a sorcerer makes for some pretty unique and powerful spells. Let’s look at some of the best spells you can have as a sorcerer.

Magic Missile (1st Level)

Magic missile is as essential to a sorcerer as Eldritch Blast is to a warlock. There’s no way around it, this 1st level spell is powerful as it is a guaranteed hit. Whilst the damage might not be as high as some other spells, let me reiterate, it is a guaranteed hit! In a game of luck, there is no reason for you to not choose this spell as if you simply can’t seem to hit the target, you will now.

Mage Armour (1st Level)

At 1st level, this spell is great to give yourself a boost of AC. Whilst you can cast it on your party, it is always good to use on yourself or the party wizard, aka, the squishy classes who simply aren’t that good at wearing armour. Casting this spell gives you 13 plus your dexterity modifier as your AC.

Scorching Ray (2nd Level)

A sorcerer seems to be the best class for a pyromaniac as here is yet another fiery spell for you to cast. Scorching ray is a 2nd level spell that allows you to send three rays of burning fire at targets within range. You can choose for them to be the same target, or different targets.

Misty Step (2nd Level)

Whilst misty step is not a damage spell, it can be very useful both in and out of combat. You become surrounded by a silvery mist and you are transported to an area within a 30ft distance that you can see. You might think that this sounds silly, most people have 30ft of movement anyway. But using Misty Step ignores difficult terrain and also prevents creatures from being able to take an attack of opportunity at you.

Fireball (3rd Level)

Not to be confused with the cantrip, fire bolt, this spell deals a fire damage in a massive radius. This is a great 3rd level spell to have as it allows you to damage several targets at once, and they don’t even have to be near each other. Just be careful as to where you place this spell, it does deal friendly fire and your party could take a big hit from it.

Lightning Bolt (3rd Level)

Thunder bolts and lightning, very, very frightening…for the target who will 8d6 lightning damage if it fails a save. Even better, it still takes half damage on a successful save. Lightning Bolt spell is very powerful and a good use of a third level spell slot. Not only does it guarantee damage, but it hits every target that is within the 100ft line from the casting point.

Banishment (4th Level)

Let’s be honest, we’ve all wished we could teleport someone to a different dimension. Get yourself a 4th level spell slot and you can do just that in DnD! If the spell is successful and kept up for a full minute, then the target does not return if it isn’t native to the plane you’re currently on. But if it is dropped at any point, they return after one minute, which still gives you some time to run away.

Dimension Door (4th Level)

Fancy a trip? Even if you can’t see or clearly visualise a certain place, Dimension Door can take you there. Providing that destination is within 500ft of you. You can also bring another party member along, as long as they are willing and the same size as you. But make sure to be careful about where you go to, if you miscalculate and travel to an already occupied space then you will take force damage and remain in your original spot.

Meteor Swarm (9th Level)

If you need motivation to get the exp to level up your character, think of the amazing 9th level spells that you will get if you keep on levelling. One such spell is meteor swarm and yes, it is like it sounds. A swarm of small meteors plummet to the ground, hitting everything within four separate  40-foot-radius spheres of your choice within range. It deals both fire and bludgeoning damage meaning that you have a higher chance of dealing some kind of damage the target is not resistant to.