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Discover the divine power of the Bless 5E spell in DnD. Elevate your comrades' abilities with celestial favor.

Bless 5E: Cleric from DnD casting a Bless spell
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What is Bless 5E?

Bless 5E (PHB, p. 219) is a 1st level enchantment spell, which is available natively to Clerics and Paladins. It requires a vocal, somatic, and material component, with the latter being a sprinkle of holy water. It takes an action to cast, allowing you to target up to three creatures within 30 feet. For the next minute, or until the caster loses concentration, the targets can add 1d4 to their attack rolls and saving throws.

If you cast this spell with a 2nd level or higher spell slot, you increase the number of targets by 1 for every spell level above 1st. For example, a 3rd level casting of Bless can target 5 creatures at once.

Is Bless 5E a good spell?

Bless 5E: Cleric from dnd casting bless spell
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Bless is a good spell that actually becomes a great spell as levels increase, this is because as PCs level up they’re more likely to make more attacks and are far more likely to face saving throws, with those saves bringing increasingly punishing effects. Considering that this is only a 1st level spell, it becomes increasingly cheap to cast, relatively speaking, as it becomes more impactful. In tier 1 it still has value, but could easily be swapped out for another spell, you can’t go casting it early on though.

To make this spell better is more about your party composition than the spell itself, a party that has characters with Sharpshooter and/or Great Weapon Master will greatly appreciate the accuracy boost Bless brings. It’s also advised that you include yourself as a target of the spell, the 1d4 will help you maintain concentration so that the other targets can continue to benefit.

How can you get Bless 5E?

Bless 5E: Kenku cleric casting bless spell
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If you like the sound of tackling your entire party’s sneezing fit at once, fear not! Here is a list of how you can grab this spell:

  • Cleric and Paladin – Both of these classes get Bless on their spell list.
  • Life Domain (Cleric Subclass) – These healing-centric Clerics get Bless as an always-prepared spell thanks to their Domain Spells feature.
  • Divine Soul (Sorcerer Subclass) – This subclass allows a Sorcerer to choose Cleric spells, which can include Bless. Also, by choosing the Law affinity, you can get Bless from the Divine Magic feature without needing to spend your very limited spells known!
  • Magical Secrets (Bard Class Feature) – This feature allows a Bard to steal a spell from any spell list, whilst this would be a bit of a waste used on Bless for most Bards due to the high-level nature of the feature. However, Lore Bards might be interested as they get Magical Secrets at a much earlier level than other Bards.
  • Divinely Favored (Feat) – Characters of Good alignment can choose one Cleric spell to cast once per day with this feat, as well as learning Augury and gaining one Cleric cantrip of their choice. When you choose this feat you choose the casting stat for the spells from Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.
  • Fey Touched (Feat) – Bless being an enchantment spell means that you can choose it with this feat, allowing you to cast it and Misty Step once per long rest without a spell slot. You can still cast it with any spell slots you may have from your class and you can even boost a mental stat of your choice by +1 too.
  • Magic Initiate (Feat) – By choosing Cleric you can get the spell and two cantrips, however, you can only cast it once per long rest unless you have at least one level in Cleric.
  • Strixhaven Initiate (Feat) – Choosing Lorehold or Silverquill with this feat will give you the opportunity to grab Bless, with two cantrips from a limited list to go along with your once-per-long rest casting.

How to roleplay the Bless 5E spell

Bless 5E: Dragonborn paladin praying
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Need some help roleplaying the Bless spell? Here are some examples to help you out:

  • As the gnashing teeth of a horde of goblins draw near, the Cleric clasps her holy symbol, praying fervently to her deity. The prayer cascades forth, washing over her comrades with a warm, radiant light. Their weapons gleam with a holy aura, and their movements grow more sure and confident. Strengthened by the divine blessing, they stand ready to face their foes, their strikes now guided by divine providence.
  • As the shadowy form of a powerful lich looms ahead, threatening to engulf the party in necrotic magic, the Paladin clasps his holy symbol, invoking the power of the divine. Casting the Bless spell, he imbues his allies with a radiant, protective aura. Their armor seems to glow with a soft light, their weapons hum with energy, and their expressions harden with newfound determination. Empowered by his blessing, they charge forward to confront the undead menace, each step and strike imbued with divine favor.

We hope this article helped you discover ways to aid your party in surviving challenging encounters. If you’re considering using this spell in your next Paladin build, our Paladin 5E guide provides valuable guidance. And for those interested in delving into other spells, our DnD 5E spells section is worth exploring. Best of luck on your future adventures, and don’t forget to Bless yourself first!

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