Backgrounds in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight explained

Exploring unique and thematic backgrounds in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.

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The Feywild is a magical realm of whimsy and danger, and the latest adventure from Wizards of the Coast, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, takes us there to experience the delights it has to offer. But what if you want your character to have a connection to the Feywild beyond just going on an adventure there? The book has you covered on that front too, with two backgrounds that integrate your character with the plane on a deeper level, and here at the Cove we have your back by going through them:


This background revolves around you disappearing from your home as a child and growing up in the Feywild, there are a few reasons why this could have happened to you, from being kidnapped by a wicked Fey and escaping, to merely stumbling through a portal you didn’t know was there. No matter how you ended up in the Feywild it changed you, knowing another world, one that mirrors your lies so close, yet so far away. Plagued by this knowledge you both long for and dread the opportunity of returning there.

Skills: Deception and Survival

Tools: One musical instrument of your choice

Languages: Your choice of Elvish, Gnomish, Goblin, or Sylvan

Equipment: Your choice of musical instrument, three trinkets from the Feywild Trinket table, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a pouch with 8 GP.

Fey Mark: Your time in the Feywild has marked you forever, determine your fey mark by rolling on the below table.

D8Fey Mark
1Your eyes swirl with iridescent colors.
2You have a sweet scent, like that of nectar or honey.
3You have long whiskers like those of a cat.
4Your ears are covered with soft tufts of fur.
5Your skin sparkles in moonlight.
6Flowers either bloom or wilt (your choice) in your presence.
7Your hair is made of vines or brambles and grows back to normal length within 1 hour of being cut.
8You have a tail like that of a dog or another animal.

Feywild Visitor: Whenever you’re sleeping, or in a trance, if you are an elf, you can be visited by a spirit from the Feywild. This event occurs at the DM’s discretion; you determine the appearance of the spirit by rolling on the table below. This spirit will never harm you, their visit can last for minutes or hours, no matter the length you always remember the experience when you wake up. The visitor always speaks in a language you can understand during the visit, even if they wouldn’t be able to speak that language normally. What they say to you can be a variety of things, including messages, insights, red herrings, and utter nonsense.

1Awakened creature (a Beast or an ordinary plant that has had the Awaken spell cast on it)
4Faerie dragon

Feywild Connection (Feature): Natives of the Feywild recognize your knowledge and mannerisms, seeing you as one of their own. Friendly Fey creatures are inclined to come to you in your times of need whilst the Feywild.

Witchlight Hand

When you were young, you snuck into the Witchlight Carnival and didn’t look back, earning your place behind the scenes to keep the carnival running. This working lifestyle has taken you to many wondrous worlds, returning to your home plane once every 8 years. During this time you have come to know the other hands of the carnival well, but the proprietors –Mister Witch and Mister Light– are still a mystery to you, even after all of the years. Your reason for joining the carnival was initially your own, whether you were enchanted with the idea of becoming a star of the show, or were trying to escape your home. However, after many years, the shine has worn off, the cycle of the carnival is now a monotonous routine, rather than an exciting journey, and you’re ready to seek greater adventure beyond the carnival’s gates.

Skills: Performance and Sleight of Hand

Tools: Disguise kit or one type of musical instrument of your choice

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: A disguise kit or musical instrument of your choice, a deck of cards, a carnival uniform or costume, one trinket from the Feywild Trinkets table, and a pouch with 8 GP

Carnival Companion: During your years of service you have become friends with another member of the carnival, roll on the table below to determine whom you have befriended. Talk with your DM to work out the details of your friendship. Your companion hangs around with you whilst you’re at the carnival, but won’t voluntarily leave. The DM can use the Witchlight Hand stat block to represent animal trainers, hands, and performers who serve as hands; other companion’s stats appear in the Monster Manual.

1Old, cantankerous Witchlight hand
2Young, impressionable Witchlight hand
3Performer (such as an acrobat, a clown, or a musician)
4Retired performer
5Seasoned animal trainer
6Old blink dog
7Cheery sprite
8Harmless, magical wisp of light (no stat block required) that has a flying speed of 30feet, can hover, and sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet

Carnival Fixture (Feature): Whilst at the Witchlight Carnival, it will provide you with free, modest lodging and food. You may also wander around the carnival and partake in its attractions for free, as long as you don’t disrupt the shows or cause any other trouble.

We hope you’ve found this dive into the Feywild bewitching, and one of these backgrounds has caught your fancy. If you’re eager for more Feywild content, check out the Harengon and Fairy. Until next time, remember to be careful accepting gifts from Fey, it can be dangerous, so make sure they’re sufficiently shiny first.

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