Domains of Delight in DnD 5E explained

Journey into the realms of joy and wonder with Domains of Delight.

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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is an adventure for DnD 5E that partially takes place in the Feywild, introducing us to the concept of Domains of Delight. If you’re confused about what that means or why more information wasn’t included in the adventure, read on!

What are Domains of Delight?

While the Feywild is an entire plane unto itself, there exist smaller, self-contained domains within it. These places are separated from the rest of the Feywild, requiring their passages, portals, or other secret means of entry. The size of a Domain of Delight varies considerably, being as large as a country at the higher end of the scale or as small as a few acres on the smaller side. 

Each domain is shaped and influenced by its ruler (sometimes the actual creator of the domain), an archfey, the most powerful kind of Fey being. The mood and personality of the ruler heavily impact the domain of delight. Some are cheery, happy places, while others are gloomier, depending on the Archfey who rules them. In many ways, the Domains of Delight are the Feywild equivalent of the Domains of Dread, which reside in the Shadowfell instead of the Feywild, and are the basis for the Ravenloft campaign setting.

The example of a Domain of Delight we get in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is the Domain of Prismeer, created and ruled by the archfey Zyblina. While Prismeer is in a fractured state during the onset of the adventure, it is typically a wonderland with the Castle of Heart’s Desire at its center. This domain is famed for granting wishes to those who can journey to the castle and meet Zyblina. However, those visiting this fantastical land would be best served to remember the rules, including do not steal from anyone, and if you receive a gift, you must respond in kind!

Why wasn’t there more information in the book?

DnD players initially expected The Wild Beyond the Witchlight to contain more general information and guidance on Domains of Delight and the Feywild; Wizards of the Coast turned this into a separate publication.

Domains of Delight (5E) is a PDF available on the DM’s Guild online store, with the proceeds from every purchase supporting the Extra Life children’s charity.

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