Silvered Weapons in DnD 5E explained

Uncover the power of Silvered Weapons 5E in DnD. Learn how they become the bane of supernatural creatures.

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In DnD 5E some creatures that have resistance, or even immunity, to nonmagical weapons may still be susceptible to Silvered Weapons. This is a weapon or piece of ammunition that has been plated with silver, on top of the material the weapon is normally made of.

Where can you get Silvered Weapons?

You can have your existing weapons or ammunition plated with silver by a smith of sufficient skill, your DM may decide that the local blacksmith can perform this service for you, or that it requires the specialised skills of a weaponsmith you must quest to find. It costs 100GP to silver a single weapon or ten pieces of ammunition, this cost represents the silver used and the skill required to plate the weapon without making it less effective.

You may also be able to purchase weapons and ammunition already silvered at some stores or find them in loot, as always this depends on your DM.

What are Silvered Weapons effective against?

Silvered weapons are can bypass the resistance, and sometimes immunity, of the following:

  • Devils
  • Lycanthropes (all kinds)
  • Some Undead (such as Wraiths and Wights)

This is not a comprehensive list, but if you suspect that you may have to fight any of the above categories it might save your character’s life to pack a silvered weapon or two!

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