Paladin Oaths in DnD 5E — complete list

Swear divine allegiances with Paladin Oaths 5E in DnD. Explore the sacred vows that shape a paladin's destiny.

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Every class has a unique name for its subclass, for the Paladin, it’s their Sacred Oath. This Oath provides not only their mechanical subclass benefits but also the beliefs that set them apart from other Paladins and give their mission purpose, these beliefs are called their tenets.

This is a complete list of all published Paladin Oaths and will be updated as any additional subclasses are published in future books. They are listed in publication order; with the book they are found in abbreviated in next to the Oath name.

  • Devotion (PHB) – This may be what you think of as the ‘stereotypical’ Paladin, with beliefs centered on honesty, honor, compassion, courage, and duty.
  • Ancients (PHB) – Often associated with nature and the fey, these Paladins focus on protecting the light inside people, including themselves. The joy that everyone can find in life through the beauty of nature, music, and laughter.
  • Vengeance (PHB) – The classic avenger, this Paladin oath seeks to destroy the greater evil by any means necessary, giving no mercy to the evil and seeing the harming of innocents as a personal failure.
  • Oathbreaker (DMG) – This is a DM-facing subclass, primarily intended for NPC Paladins but can be used with DM permission to represent a Paladin that has fallen from grace and broken their original Oath.
  • Crown (SCAG) – Somewhat unusual amongst the oaths, the Oath of the Crown is dedicated to civilization, be it a nation, a sovereign, or simply the laws that hold civilization together. These Paladins prioritize loyalty, courage, the word of law, and responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Conquest (XGtE) – Valuing strength above all else, this subclass seeks to conquer their enemies, punishing those that defy them and going beyond just defeating their enemies to crush their hope and instill fear in them. Whilst this oath doesn’t have to be an evil character, if you’re looking to play an evil-aligned Paladin, this is an easy subclass to fit that theme.
  • Redemption (XGtE) – Redemption Paladins believe in setting an example for others to follow, that all people are born innocent and just need to be shown the way. This means that they believe in peace above all else, extending patience and kindness to redeem those that have strayed from a righteous path. However, they do still recognize that not everyone can be saved and that some creatures are best slain for the greater good, utilizing violence as a last resort.
  • Glory (MOoT/TCoE) – Many Paladins believe in being an example to the people, but the Oath of Glory takes that to the next level. These Paladins seek to inspire others through tales of their deeds and actions, not merely words, even using their very bodies as examples of unparalleled athleticism to be aspired to.
  • Watchers (TCoE) – Not all threats come from your own plane, with many extraplanar threats encroaching on the material plane at any given moment. The Oath of the Watchers stands against these invaders, holding loyalty, discipline, and vigilance against these threats and their influence, be it violent or more subtle and surreptitious.

We hope that this article has helped your Paladin find purpose, if you’re interested in a more in-depth review of each of these Oaths, then check out our Paladin 5E guide, or if you already have your heart set on a more peaceful Paladin, then check out our Redemption Paladin 5E guide.

Which are the best Paladin Oaths in DnD 5E?

This depends on what kind of Paladin you want to play, but you won’t go wrong with Vengeance, Conquest, or Watchers for a mix of useful spells and features.

What 5E books have the Paladin Oaths?

Paladin Oaths can be found in the PHB, DMG, SCAG, XGtE, MOoT, and TCoE.

What Oaths can Paladin take in 5E?

A Paladin can choose from the Oaths: Devotion, Ancients, Vengeance, Crown, Conquest, Redemption, Glory, or Redemptions. With DM permission, they may also choose to be an Oathbreaker from the DMG.

Which is the strongest Paladin Oath?

There is no straightforward answer to this: Vengeance is very potent in combat thanks to Vow of Enmity, Conquest has great control features, and Crown makes for a very good attention-grabbing tank.

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