Scarecrow 5E — DnD monster explained

Encounter the eerie guardians with Scarecrows 5E. Beware their malevolent magic and terrify trespassers.

Scarecrow 5E: Scarecrow from the DnD in the field
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In vast farmlands throughout the world, bountiful harvests are protected from birds by raggedy figures standing a silent vigil over their charges. However, some of those straw-filled bodies contain malevolent energy, defending their land with fear and flesh-rending claws. In this article, we’ll explain these creatures, we’ll explain scarecrow 5E (MM, p. 268).

Evil animated guardians

Evil creatures often require a way of protecting their land from prying eyes, enabling them to conduct their nefarious plans in secrecy. Some of these creatures, such as hags and witches, opt to create a horrifying construct for this purpose, they create scarecrows.

A scarecrow is a construct animated by the spirit of a dead evil being, even demons can be bound to this twisted service. The resulting automaton has no memories of its previous life, and although some aspects of its personality may surface, it is bound to fulfill the creator’s commands. With razor-sharp claws and a stare that compels fear in the staunchest of adventuring parties, the scarecrow is a terrifying guard employed by even worse masters.

Should a scarecrow find itself outlasting its creator, the spirit inside is driven to either follow its last commands, seek out those responsible and meat out revenge for its creator’s demise, or tear itself apart in a frantic attempt to be free of its straw prison.

Will you ever look at The Wizard of Oz and the scarecrow’s search for human organs the same again? If this terrifying construct has you thinking about what to throw at your players next, then check out our monsters section, or if you want to increase your chances of survival, then check out our classes section for helpful guides. Until next time, stay out of the cornfields!

How to use a scarecrow in DnD 5E?

Scarecrows are best used in rural settings where they can blend in at first and then later used as a horror-esque monster against lower-level PCs, or in greater numbers against higher-level PCs.

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