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Not a fan of surprise parties? With this feat, you'll never be surprised and gain bonuses to your initiative rolls, allowing you to take control of the battlefield and outmaneuver your enemies.
Whether you’re looking to pray to one or fight one, you’ve got to know they exist first. From the god of death to the goddess of love, we'll explore the mythology and lore behind each deity, including their domains, symbols, and followers.
An eye-conic monster in DnD, and the smartest, or so they think.Beholders are iconic creatures in DnD with a spherical body, large eye, and ten smaller eyes, each with different powers. They're intelligent but paranoid and have different types, lairs, and abilities.
The Crossbow Expert feat in DnD 5E is the ultimate choice for any adventurer who wants to become a master of ranged combat. With this feat, you can fire your crossbow in close combat without any penalty and even make an extra attack with it. Strike your enemies down from afar
Your character's background can be more than just a throwaway detail - it can provide crucial roleplaying opportunities and mechanical advantages. Discover just how much impact this aspect of character creation can have.
Stuck on campaign ideas for your DnD 5E game? Look no further! We've got you covered with a list of creative and exciting concepts to inspire your next adventure. From medieval murder mysteries to undead invasions, there's something for every play style.
Double your pleasure, double your fun with the Expertise class feature in DnD 5E. Don't let your proficiency bonus plateau - use the Expertise class feature to take your skills and tools to the next level.
Curse your enemies and make them suffer. This versatile spell can be used in a variety of ways, so get creative and let your imagination run wild. Hex is a must-have for any warlock or spellcaster looking to dominate the battlefield. Learn its ins and outs and become an unstoppable force of magic.
Don’t ask this flightless bird folk if they want a cracker. Unlock the power of mimicry with our guide to Kenku in DnD 5E. Learn to emulate any sound and become a master of disguise.
Always thought fighting with two weapons was cool but not sure how it worked? By wielding a weapon in each hand, you can make an extra attack in combat, giving you the ability to deal serious damage and potentially take down multiple foes in a single turn.