How to put DnD on a resume

DnD is a great game to play after a long day or night. But some people are concerned about getting a job, especially one that uses skills you love to employ. I personally have been lucky enough to have DnD been considered by a couple jobs I have been offered, and a few, even gotten, and want to share how you can put your DnD skills to use in the work field.

To start, you need to find something you like about DnD. Some people like drawing characters, others like making music for their campaigns, others like making something new and exciting, while others really like writing stories. But don’t discount balancing encounters, voice acting, or even programming, as those can also be helpful. Whatever you pick, make sure you do it well, or that you do it rather often (e.g. Mine is Story Writing with Voice Acting and Programming thrown in).

Next, you need to describe what you do most in DnD, and how you contribute positively to the experience, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. Of course, you can’t just leave these contributions floating on their own, give it some grounding, such as skill with programming, or incredible artwork, a fantastic short story, a voice sample, a link to homebrew you’ve made, and more! If you assemble your collection of DnD skills, you may be surprised by what contractors are willing to pay good money for. I mean, I got hired for one of my jobs because I’m a DM, and my boss for that job is already impressed considering the small amount of work I’ve done!

It’s a hobby, and it’s a tool. But one thing that DnD should always be, is fun. Learn to DM and you’ll create vast expanses of story with some untouched things leading into something incredible. Learn to play, and you’ll be pulling off tricks and moves that could only be dreamed of. Any skill can lead to something great, you just need to look for leverage. Never give up on your favorite hobby, you may just find a hidden gem inside!

Finally, if you want to look for work, Try some sites such as Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Set up a profile, be persistent, and patient – I find that effort has been rewarded well. Work hard, don’t give up because things aren’t working out immediately, keep it together, and I promise that if you persist in trying new things and expanding your horizons where needed, things will start to click in place.